While not presented as full case studies, these designs still serve as a testament to my ability to create impactful and visually captivating product designs across various platforms. Explore this collection to gain a deeper understanding of my design process and the breadth of my capabilities as a product designer.


Unbox is a student-oriented app focused on helping students explore and discover their interests within the vast field of design. Through its innovative features, including a diagnostic quiz, a game of the day, a mood-board, and mentor pairing, Unbox provides a comprehensive platform for students to learn about various design careers.


Grapevine is a decentralized hiring solution that utilizes verified tokens as proof of employment on the blockchain. Through a secure login and KYC process, users' identities and work experience are validated and minted as on-chain tokens. It introduces anonymous reviews, ensuring professionalism and oversight.


SITA is an open lending platform focused on agriculture. By analyzing real-time soil data through IoT devices and integrating satellite data streams, it projects a farmer's prospective earnings for the forthcoming cycle. It's a credit system that's rooted in reality and calibrated for the future.


Intuition is a decentralized infrastructure provider. It consists of a middleware, protocol and application layer. Intuition combines identity, data, and finance primitives to create an open, decentralized, and permissionless semantic knowledge graph.


Commonwealth Wholesale Corporation is an industry leading supplier and wholesale distributer of name brand health, beauty, personal care and household products. Their clients include some of the world's largest retail chains, as well as local and regional retailers.

For this project I designed a SaaS inventory management system for their salesmen to update inventory and to create and send quotes to clients.


Moment is an app designed to help people capture and cherish the small but significant moments that make up their daily lives. With Moment, users can create personalized "moments" by documenting their memories using a combination of pictures, videos, text, and audio.